All of our employees are Mongolian, and many of us were born and raised in the areas in the country where we will likely be traveling together.  Being a local has great advantages.  We know every last detail about the locations you will visit and we will be able to show you the most interesting, yet unfamiliar areas of your destination.
We also have good relationships with the nomadic people living around our destinations. In many of these areas, we are treated as insiders, not visitors.  This provides our customers with the great
opportunity to learn about the nomadic way of life and to take part in daily activities. Also, the nomadic natives expertly care for our horses, which is essential for the success of our horseback- riding adventures.
We offer you the best value possible for your money. It is difficult to find better prices.  If you compare us with other operators, you will easily find that our price for a comparable trip is  lower than our competition.  This is not because our service is bad;   we have qualified tour guides and experienced drivers;  we have reliable and comfortable vehicles; our itineraries include all the major tourist attractions in Mongolia, as well as off-the-beaten-track trips.  Our customers stay in the best hotels in Ulaanbaatar City and the best Ger tourist camps in the countryside.  We care even more about the safety and satisfaction of our customers.
We do not have as much overhead, as companies owned by non-Mongolians, and we do not add as high a profit margin, as the companies owned by Mongolians. We are a relatively new “start-up”
company, and long- term reputation-building is more important to us than short term profits.
In the travel business, being small is a good thing. We neither organize hundreds of  tours in several countries, simultaneously, and get lost in them;  nor do we have any cross-country travels.  We
concentrate only on our tours in Mongolia and constantly work to provide our customers with the best experience they can have in this beautiful country.
We limit the number of trips we organize in Mongolia every year to 20, as this permits us to listen to every customer and to be flexible with travel schedules and routes. If you are not satisfied with anything during your trip, you can directly contact the managers of the company and have your problems solved.
Any of our itineraries can be modified, according to your preferences for travel timing and activities, even in the middle of a trip, as long as a consensus is reached among the members of your group.
Traveling in Mongolia requires extensive driving. Driving for extended periods on Mongolia’s bumpy off-roads turns out to be quite a demanding task for anyone. Often, visitors find so much driving unexpected and tire after a few days.  But we do not believe that this is the case for everyone, under any circumstances. You don’t have to be a tri-athlete to come on one of our trips; we can stop whenever you want to for a short rest.  After all, our customers can enjoy the incredible scenery and unique culture of Mongolia, only when they are feeling their best.  Also, our itineraries include domestic flights, when possible, to reduce driving time.
We strive to leave as light a footprint on the earth, as possible. We use eco-friendly products and carefully clean up after ourselves when we travel. All of our fishing trips are strictly catch-and-release based, and we do not organize any fishing trips until the second half of July, when the fish reproductive season is over.
Besides supporting eco-conservation in small ways, such as these, we initiated our own “Solongot” Project, which is devoted to cleaning up waste wood areas, burned in several disastrous forest fires in 2004-2006.  We have been planting trees in some territories of Tosontsengel and Ih-Uul and soums, Zavkhan ayamag. Twenty dollars out of every one thousand dollars you spend with us is donated to this project.
When we recruit tour guides, we have two criteria; our tour guides must be truly interested in traveling and be cooperative, by nature. The rest of the qualities necessary to be a good travel guide are things they can learn.  Tour guides learn quite well, in fact, if they are new to the job.  As a result, we have built a very enthusiastic and professional travel team. We are working hard to make sure that our future customers will be as satisfied as our customers have been in the past.